One Who Loves

Hailing from Istanbul, new womenswear label Oh Seven Days embodies a lavish approach to simplicity and is a glamorous example of an international fashion business. Each piece that designer and founder, Megan Mummery, creates is intended to become a staple item amongst a classic, chic, yet quintessentially contemporary wardrobe. Canadian-born and Australian-bred, Mummery relocated to Turkey in 2013, a city which called for a sophisticated yet paired back approach to modern dressing. With the perfect blend of Australian ease, Eastern textures and a traditional approach, the collections offer clarity for our often fast-paced, global lifestyles. The name, not only evocative of a stylish working week, is derived from the Turkish word for the ‘seven’, which translates to ‘one who loves’. It’s clear that Mummery has a sheer love for her burgeoning new label, and we promise that love is requited.

Sophie Flecknoe: Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself? How would you define what it is that you do?

Megan Mummery: I am the designer and founder of the [contemporary] womenswear label, Oh Seven Days. I am Canadian-born, Australian-raised, UK-educated, and Istanbul-based. I create minimal and modern clothing, designed to be relevant anywhere in the world.

How did Oh Seven Days come to be? Let’s start at the very beginning.

We are pretty close to the beginning now as we’ve just completed our second collection. We launched in late 2013 with SS14. I decided to start the label after moving to Istanbul and realizing a need for a simplified and sophisticated wardrobe, ideal for a lifestyle on the move. I’ve always been a bit of a nomad, which typically doesn’t work well for someone interested in fashion.

Why did you decide on the name Oh Seven Days?

The word ‘Seven’ in Turkish means ‘One Who Loves’ and the label is designed to be very wearable for any situation or day of the week. It worked out as a nice play on words.

What is the Oh Seven Days definition of beauty? Where do you seek to find it, and how do you aim to create it?

Oh Seven Days beauty is confident simplicity. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul. I find beauty and inspiration in the landscape of any destination, and [I] replicate that into my work.

How do you maintain your inspiration? What influences your work?

Essentially I design pieces I want to wear and that can be malleable and timeless. Travel is a big influencer.

How does the fashion industry in Australia differ from that of more global industries?

I haven’t been lucky enough to work in Australia, as I was first in London then Istanbul. I’m eager to get back though as I believe we’ve got a thriving industry with some of the best emerging labels in the world.

Do you pay attention to trends in high fashion, or do you choose to ignore it?

I think trends will always manage to infiltrate the design process slightly, but I try and maintain a somewhat timeless approach.

What is the importance of social media in regards to what you do? Is it crucial for any fashion business?

It’s crucial for a brand like us as we are an independent start-up without a huge PR company working for us. Although, I think it’s also relevant for everyone in the business.

Do you have any style icons or any other designers that you find influential?

I always like to keep an eye on graduate collections. It’s always exciting to see what the fresh minds in the business are coming up with.

Your garments are described as being building blocks for a tailored wardrobe. What pieces are must-haves for all women?

[One] nice, crisp, white silk blouse or shirt is a definite must have.

Can you describe the design process from initial idea to finished product?

I start by sketching shapes and focus on the structure I want the collection to have. Then I develop a colour palette based on imagery from my mood board. Fabric sourcing is also a huge part of the process to establish the texture of the collection. I then do the pattern making and work with my tailor to develop a sample garment.

Where do you source your fabrics?

They are all sourced from Turkey. In my latest collection I used pieces from the Grand Bazaar that are made from a local mill.

Being based in Istanbul, is travel a major component of what you do? Where is one place you would love to visit?

Travel was my first love and I’m constantly planning my next trip. I’m really eager to see China and Tibet.

What’s next for Oh Seven Days? Where do you see the label in a few years time?

I see it becoming a lifestyle brand with a recognizable aesthetic. Ultimately I’d love to have stores in my four hub countries [of] Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Words: Sophie Flecknoe. Images courtesy of Oh Seven Days.

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