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An Organised Life is the blog and stationary design project that is taking the style set by storm. Graphic designer, Beck Wadworth, the creative force behind the new label of notebooks and diaries, has cemented her presence with ease amongst fashion bloggers and the culture of design here in Sydney, however still calls New Zealand home. Working in the fashion industry across marketing and public relations, Wadworth is comfortable networking within creative circles in Bondi and across broader Sydney, accumulating a cult following for her products as a result. What’s more, her blog (of the same title as her design business) has become a destination for informed style and news about design and travel, and holds its own amongst heavyweight blogs such as Sara Donaldson’s Harper & Harley, Talisa Sutton’s Badlands and Carmen Hamilton’s The Chronicles of Her. Crisp, clean lines are hallmarks of her designs, with minimalist and statement typography and bold patterns allowing bloggers, designers, artists and models alike to chance to keep their lives in order. Organisation is her mantra, exquisite style is her mode and contemporary design is her practice.

Sophie Flecknoe: Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself? How would you define what it is that you do?

Beck Wadworth: Where do I start? ! I am originally from Marlborough in the South Island of NZ where my family is still based (my favourite place in the world). I moved to Sydney from Auckland at the start of last year and work full time in the fashion industry across marketing/PR and social media. In the evenings and weekends I focus on my An Organised Life Design projects when I am not caught up in the Bondi bubbles visiting the markets, friends or the beach!

How did An Organised Life come about? What was your initial idea behind the business?

I have always been a self-confessed organized freak! Everyone always laughs at my uncountable list pads and diaries! But… I have never found one that contains everything I need! It has always been a dream of mine (a nerdy dream in that!) to design my own organizers and stationery and… you only live once! It has been a great hobby to keep up my graphic design skills outside of my day job and I have learnt so much along the way. I started my stationery range by releasing a Limited Edition Twenty Fourteen Diary and recently released some Notebook Sets. I hope to launch a few more items into the collection this year as well. Watch this space!

What drew you to typography and design?

I have always been a creative growing up and knew I wanted something in the design/fashion industry. After high school I moved up to Auckland and studied a Bachelor of Design (Hons) majoring in Visual Communications at Massey University. During university I began to grow a huge passion and love for typography.

What was your main inspiration / style approach to your Limited Edition Diaries.

[When it comes to inspiration] I have always had a love for typography, books and magazines. My signature style is minimalist with black/white and statement typography. I wanted to create something classic but modern for that fashion forward girl that needs that wee bit of organization in her fast paced but exciting life!

What role does colour play in your design process? Do you prefer a monochromatic palette?

I definitely love a monochromatic palette, but I also love to play with prints and textures. From black and white patterns to textured paper I love to include all of these in my work. Packaging is a huge part of my products as well. I think it’s really important for every aspect of your work to look in sync and great! I also use a lot of the craft paper and twine materials – I think these remind me of home and give a bit of a rustic feel to my minimalist style which I love. 

Your website is really lovely, and illustrated by such beautifully styled photographs. Do you take your own photographs?

Yes I take all my own photographs, I love arranging things beautifully and capturing them in a picture. I don’t really know anything about photography and use my camera on automatic! But hey I’m learning! My boyfriend Jason takes the snaps of me occasionally in some of my favorite fashion pieces, although I prefer to be behind the camera!

Are there any designers or artists (from any medium) that you find particularly influential?

Not any one in particular that I can think of. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and love to search for hours for inspiration bits and pieces. But in general, the people and places around me usually inspire me. Everything I have created so far has been for my life personally; I have been very lucky that others have felt like these products would assist in organizing their exciting yet chaotic lives as well!

You obviously have a passion for style as well as design and typography. How would you define your personal style? You’ve listed Sara Donaldson (from Harper and Harley) as one of your style icons. Do you have any others?

I would say that my style is very minimal and feminine! I do love a print and texture here and there though as well. There are a lot of people I love style wise, I find bloggers, magazines and online platforms very influential and I am definitely defined as a ‘researcher’ shopper in the way that I look for the perfect black heel or animal print clutch for days or weeks until I finally buy one!

You’re originally from New Zealand, but basing yourself in Sydney. How do these two places differ? Do you find Sydney to be a form of inspiration for your work?

Yes my New Zealand life and Sydney life are very different. I absolutely love going home to Marlborough to relax at home with family and friends, soaking up the surroundings and beautiful views. I never want to leave. It’s a great way to relax, reflect and clear your head from the fast paced Sydney lifestyle! However I loved the drive and passion I feel for Sydney when it comes to my career and An Organized Life ventures. I am inspired from both places definitely.

You have such a prominent following here in Sydney through the likes of many fashion bloggers, Talisa from Badlands, Carmen from The Chronicles Of Her and the They All Hate Us girls to name just a few. What is the connection you draw between fashion and design?

I have always worked in the fashion industry and I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of amazing people along the way. The fashion world is extremely busy and fast paced and I wanted to create something classic but modern for that fashion forward girl that needs that wee bit of organization in her fast paced but exciting life! All of the girls I have met along my journey, including those you have mentioned above have definitely inspired my work to be what it is.

I have to ask, what are your top tips for a life to remain organized? 

I cannot survive without writing everything down so I would definitely say Lists or a Diary are a great way to keep organized. Prioritize your day and make sure you leave space to relax too. De-cluttering your life every Sunday, from emails, to your handbag and your fridge! Then you can start the week feeling fresh, relaxed and organised! 

Your business and name are booming at an epic rate! Where do you see yourself in, let’s say, five years time? Will you still be in Sydney?

Everything has happened so quickly and I’m so grateful to everyone who has been so supportive over the last 6 months! It’s been a great adventure. My short-term goal is to release a Twenty Fifteen Diary in September this year and also another wee addition to the collection in the up coming months. Long term I hope to have stockiest through out Australia and New Zealand and one day a store or two would be amazing! Fingers crossed!

Words: Sophie Flecknoe. Image courtesy of An Organised Life.

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