Love is Everything

She says she lives a simple life, but there truly is nothing simple about photographer, Amelia Fullarton. Modest perhaps, humble definitely. However, the elements of her days are considered and refined and her craft is imbued with this eye for beauty and attention to detail. She resides on the East Coast of Australia, in all its glory, with her tiny tribe of lovely people including her partner, her 3-year-old daughter Arlo and baby daughter Agnes. Amelia is a self-confessed country girl at heart, and most content when she is close to the sea and surrounded by nature’s gifts. Titles such as Frankie, Smith Journal and online publications such as The Lane, Hello May and White Magazine pay regular homage to Amelia’s photographs and she has recently shot for the aesthetically aligned In Bed and Zulu & Zephyr brands as well as featuring in the Country Road Live with Us journal. Amelia remains truly welcoming in the face of a fast paced culture, and in sharing snippets of her beautiful world with us she celebrates a life abundant in friends, family, beauty and of course, love.

Sophie Flecknoe: Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself? Who are you and what do you love to do?

Amelia Fullarton: Hello! I’m Amelia, a mumma to two girls, Arlo 3 and Agnes 6 months, when I’m not taking care of them l take photos, both of which l love to do.

Can you tell me of your introduction to photography? What was your first camera?

I think it all became more apparent when l was travelling a lot in my late teens, early twenties. I would take disposable cameras to all these incredible places, coming home to see how the film turned out was such a kick. However, after my first daughter was born l thought this is something l would really like to pursue.

In your own words, what is beauty to you?

Beauty for me is a moment – it might be the light that comes streaming through my windows of an evening, hitting my daughter’s soft, rosy cheeks. It is those pink skies that come by every so often and fade away in to the night ever so quickly. It can be found in the most ordinary of places that I am always looking for and that keeps me feeling creative.

You’ve recently welcomed a second daughter into your life. Congratulations on such an amazing event! How has becoming a mother changed your approach to work, play and life?

It is difficult because l love to work, l also realise these precious early years with my children at home before they head to school are irreplaceable so its important for me to find the right balance. That’s not to say l don’t struggle with this. Becoming a mother made me prioritize; looking after my children, as well as myself is essential. Having some down time, choosing projects that will work within my family life and allowing myself to not feel bad about saying no is a slow lesson I am trying to teach myself.

Where do you seek inspiration?

I am inspired by moments that invoke emotion, l look for the real moments – photographs that allow us to feel something. Right now I am inspired by those who stand alone, who try not conform to how they want the world to see them but instead by how it really is.

What is the first thing you reach for in the morning? How do you greet the day?

Firstly, my children, a very close second, coffee. I’m not much a morning person, although l kind of have to be as the girls wake early. They are usually both in the bed and we’ll all have a bit of a cuddle. I’ll make some toast for us and have a nice long shower while the girls watch cartoons. I try to avoid my phone and emails for a bit until l sort everything out, the house is usually a mess so l try and get everything organised in the morning so l can start the day fresh.

You capture love in all its forms with such beauty and sentiment. What is your personal definition of love?

Such a hard question, as love really is everything.

What words do you live by? Do you have a personal motto?

Not particularly, however in my own mind l try to look at everything in a positive light. I think it’s important to be kind to others, not live life in a critical and negative way and stay motivated by love.

What are you currently listening to?

Bowie, Tame Impala, always Dolly Parton!

What Instagram accounts do you find yourself looking at every day?

I mostly follow my friends, some kids brands and a couple of creative accounts that l enjoy. I recently did a big delete; the scrolling through countless images gets a bit tiring after a while. Now l find l waste much less time on there. At the moment I love @kon_tam@carissajg and @theanimalobservatory.

Is travel a major component of what you do? What would be your dream itinerary, or where are you travelling to next?

Interstate travel is usually a couple of times a month, it can get a little tiring travelling with the kids on these short trips. However, this year l will be heading to Bali and Italy for work – certainly a perk to the job!

Finally, what’s next for you and your tribe?

We have big plans for the next couple of years, slowly l hope to start to structure a more work/life balance. Taking fewer weddings on, with the continuity of quality over quantity and focusing on work that will continue to push me forward. I have an exciting project that I am working on with a close friend, as well as for our family a small shed build on some land we just purchased outside of Byron… and I’m already clucky again, so no doubt some more babies too! (Ha-ha!)

Words: Sophie Flecknoe. Images courtesy of Amelia Fullarton and Country Road.

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