The Minimalist Way

Alina Pedko was born in Russia, but it is the seaside lifestyle she has created in Queensland that she has called home since her childhood. It was after a period of freedom and experimentation that she fostered the idea of IINCŌ, the vehicle through which she brings the luxurious into the everyday. A deep appreciation of minimalist Japanese architecture prompted Alina to purify her designs down to the bare essentials, and clean lines and forms are what remain. IINCŌ, as a result, is entirely contemporary and finds its feet in timelessness and refined minimalism. All of her fabric (butter soft organic cottons and linens to be precise) is sourced locally between Australia and New Zealand and a monochromatic palette is her usual calling card. She dreams of finding her designs in concept boutiques across the seas, and we think that the minimalist palaces from across the globe will soon be calling her name. This is IINCŌ.

Sophie Flecknoe: Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself? Where did you grow up?

Alina Pedko: I was born in Russia but spent most of my childhood here in Queensland where I am still currently based, sharing a beautiful little beachside space with my partner.

What were the routes of IINCŌ? How did it all begin?

Honestly it was something I began developing very quietly while I was still studying. It wasn’t until I met my partner Jake, an amazingly talented graphic designer, whose encouragement helped put my thoughts into action.

I did have an experimental year after studying and before launching IINCŌ, [and] this allowed me to get everything out of my system and through the process of elimination I found myself strongly connecting with the minimalist way.

How do you define beauty?

To me everything is most beautiful when presented in its most natural and simplified state.

Minimalism is a key factor in your design process. Do you look to other minimalist forms, such as in architecture to inspire your designs? Where do you seek inspiration?

Absolutely, I was especially inspired on a recent trip to Japan, in particular Naoshima Island where I developed a deep admiration for architect Tadao Ando who is known for his creative use and exploration of natural light and minimalist structures.

You are currently based in Queensland. As a designer what are the advantages of living in this region?

To be entirely honest it does have its challenges as Queensland’s greatest quality can also be its most difficult to work through. It has this permanent vacation vibe, which sounds amazing, but for me personally and creatively it can at times seem a little stagnant.

Which part of the creative process excites you the most?

I love seeing a collection come to life in front of the camera, I’m ALWAYS excited to shoot!

Unique luxury basics are the foundation of your collections. What is your personal definition of luxury?

Personally for me, luxury is something [that] must create a sensation of comfort and ease. It’s also the great attention to fine details [that] contributes to the overall standard of quality.

Why do you lean towards a more monochromatic palette?

As a whole collection I just love the harmony it creates when [seen] side by side and [seeing] how everything flows so simply.

Are there any other designers who influence your process?

Absolutely and at this very moment I can’t get enough of Sophie Buhai who is a designer based in LA creating both jewelry and interiors. I value her timelessness and simplicity.

Each of your pieces is designed and manufactured in Australia. Where do you source your fabrics?

Our fabric is sourced between Australia and New Zealand including some of our favourite organic cotton, which was a strong feature of our previous range. It’s pretty amazing how much you can find right here on our doorstep!

Is there a story behind the name of your brand?

(Laughs) Well… Only that it was one VERY late night, pizza and a whole lot of word play with a last minute freak out and here you have it: IINCŌ!

Where can we find your beautiful pieces? Where is somewhere you would love to be stocked?

You can find us via our online space as well as a handful of supporting stockists around Australia. It would be an absolute dream to find IINCŌ on the racks of a beautiful concept store somewhere across the globe.

Are there any particular fabrics you love working with?

Organic cotton, linen, and ribbed knits definitely rank at the very top.

Who would you describe as the quintessential IINCŌ woman? Who would you love to see wearing your designs?

It would have to be Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics.

Are there any words that you live by?

Hello World.

Is travel a major component of your life and work? Where is your dream destination?

100% for both my partner and I with Iceland being the absolute dream.

What’s next for you and your brand? Any secrets you can share?

Apart from slowly growing and expanding the range I have recently started playing with the possibility of introducing accessories, which has been pretty exciting so far so fingers crossed.

Words: Sophie Flecknoe. All images courtesy of IINCŌ.

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