Morning of the World

“MATIN is morning in French, it’s the beginning of day, the sunrise; daybreak; dawn – it holds all the possibilities and hopes for what each day can bring.” So is the ethos behind locally made clothing label, MATIN Studio. Looking to the effortlessly chic (and undeniably cool) French style of the Seventies, cotton is the fabrication of choice. Versatile and breathable, it is a textile equivalent to the brand’s definition of beauty: grounded, fresh and of nature. MATIN becomes a lifestyle, a mantra. It is not only an approach to dressing; it is a perspective informing every facet of a considered existence. Think of MATIN as your blank canvas. We spoke to Lucy Perrett, one half of MATIN’s genius. Growing up on Sydney’s Nothern Beaches has informed both designers’ lifestyles and creativity. Nature, and in particular the ocean, puts everything in perspective for this talented duo, and this notion manifests in their clothing, each garment the epitome of clarity and self-assured calm. This is a new day; this is the morning of a new world.

Sophie Flecknoe: First of all can you tell me a little about yourself? Where did you grow up?

Lucy Perret: There [are] 2 of us who started this label together and we both are from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but now live in Tamarama. Being near the water for us is just so important; it always seems to put everything into perspective pretty quickly. Fashion has always been a part of us in one way or another so it felt perfectly natural to want to create something of our own.

What are the origins of MATIN Studio? What did you conceive the label to be?

It started simply with what did we want to wear – Wearable, relaxed, no-fuss pieces with a focus on keeping the collections accessible, well-priced and made locally in Australia.

Define Matin Studio in your own words.

A sense of ease. Timeless, feminine, classic.

For Resort ’15 the collection was made from 100% cotton. Why did you choose this textile?

We love working with cotton. It’s a really versatile, fresh and wearable fabrication.

What is the MATIN Studio definition of beauty?

For us beauty is about being grounded, no fuss, no make up and salt in your hair.

MATIN is defined on your website as “the morning of the world”. What is the story behind this definition and idea of the label?

‘MATIN’ is morning in French, it’s the beginning of day, the sunrise; daybreak; dawn – it holds for us all the possibilities and hopes for what each day can bring.

Your references are certainly varied; from Japanese kimono-inspired wraps to bohemian lace-up designs. From where or from what do you draw inspiration?

We looked a lot to the French style of the 70s for this collection. It’s such a timeless period for fashion, looking back at everything they were wearing then it couldn’t be more relevant today.

Do you design with a particular woman in mind? Who is the MATIN muse?

Jane Birkin – subtly quirky and effortlessly refined.

Which designers or which period of design do you most relate to?

The 70s is such a diverse decade. YSL is a huge inspiration, the lace up safari dress, Bianca Jagger in the classic all white suit. It’s the decade all about the relaxed silhouette and comfortable, effortless style.

You’ve garnered a lot of attention from this collection from the best of the best, such as NEST | Together and RUSSH Magazine, which is very exciting! How does this feel?

It’s an absolute dream start to the label. It’s so reassuring that people are resonating with it from the start, we couldn’t have hoped for more than that.

Who would you like to see wearing your label?

Caroline de Maigret, Stacy Martin and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

You’re currently stocked at Sydney’s Splice Boutique, which is a match made in heaven. Where else would you like to see MATIN Studio stocked?

Being stocked at Splice for our first collection is so incredible, it really is a perfect match. They have been so supportive from the beginning. We’d love to expand our stockists Australia wide and we will take our time to find the right homes for the label. In our minds Matin is more about lifestyle than fashion.

Is travel a major component of your life and work? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

We do a lot of travel. I spend a lot of time in the UK and Europe a few months each year. Travel is such an important way to stay fresh and inspired. If I could go anywhere right now it would be the south of France… the beaches, the beauty, the best wines.

What is currently on your playlist?

Always listening to albums from start to finish…Beck Morning Phase, PJ Harvey Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, Graham Nash Songs for Beginners.

Finally, what’s next for you and for MATIN Studio? Any secrets you can share of the next collection?

[We are] working on a small winter collection and the next summer collection as well. We’ll be working with the same silhouettes and some similar styles like the lace up top and dress in new fabrics and colours – Can’t wait to show you!

Words: Sophie Flecknoe. Photographs by Renee Carey courtesy of MATIN Studio.

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