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A New Chapter

It is no easy feat to attempt to change the way an industry operates, but Teresa Redrup no ordinary individual….


The Land of Print

Currently hailing from Sydney’s very own Bondi Beach, graphic designer Cara Gibson has had a fascination with art and design…


Order and Chaos

Graphic designer Daniele de Batté is sincere in his approach to his craft. He lives and works where he grew…



Summer always makes me nostalgic. It ignites yearning for days gone by but invites renewal for what is yet to…


Sense of Self

It seems that Kara Town has crafted a lifestyle of aesthetics. As one half of AHD Paper Co. (the other half…


Written in the Stars

Scandinavian jewellery designer, Sophie Bille Brahe has always been a dreamer and a creator of tiny, beautiful universes. Sophie has…

1642 with parrot HR

In A Dream World

Elise Pioch Balzac is the mind and the energy behind Maison Balzac, a company that can only be described as…

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Second Skin

Sagittarians are renowned for their honesty, their intellect, and their sense of adventure. They never blindly accept popular opinion, rather…